Innoson Boss, Chukwuma, Rejects EFCC Bail

Chairman of Innoson motors, Innocent Chukwuma, has rejected his bail from the Economic Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and he is demanding that the agency explain why he was arrested.

In a statement released on Wednesday night, the company said he initially refused to leave their premises because the Commission did not officially communicate to him why he was arrested like a common criminal.

Here’s an excerpt from the statement:

1. First and foremost, We reiterate that EFCC’s claim that they invited Dr Innocent Chukwuma (INNOSON) and he refused to honour same invite as false. We urge them to show Nigerians dated proof that he was duly invited by the Commission. Dr Chukwuma is a man of impeccable character and a law abiding citizen. He will never disrespect or disregard a constituted authority.

2. The Commissions claim that that Dr Chukwuma resisted arrest is laughable. His residence was raided at 5am. They don’t expect him to run out and hand himself to whoever it was that came for him. He waited to be sure about the identity of the people that invaded his premises before coming out. Dr Chukwuma has nothing to hide or be afraid of.

3. EFCC alleged that Dr Chukwuma hired Six truck-loads of thugs to manhandle operatives of the Commission. This is preposterous. The people that invaded Dr Chukwuma’s residence were armed to the teeth. How can people without arms attack fully armed operatives of the commission?

The supposedly thugs are well meaning Nigerians who are making an honest living from Innoson Group. They merely came to protest and show solidarity to their Chairman who was about being whisked away in a gestapo styled arrest.

The commission also claimed no single shot was fired despite the provocation. This is a figment of their imagination. This is a clear deviation from the truth. Innocent protesting workers were teargased. We have images to back up this claim.

4. The Commission said Dr Innocent Chukwuma and his Brother Mr Charles Chukwuma is being investigated for forgery. Can they show Nigerians a dated Petition to them and who the petition came from.

5. Finally, We would like Nigerians to know that we have a dispute with Guarantee Trust Bank which arose from a business deal that went wrong. This case is on final appeal at the Supreme Court. We won’t want to comment on this because it will be subjudice to do so.
We implore everyone to wait till The Judiciary which remains the final arbiter to adjudicate and give their judgement in this matter.

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