If you are short, then you’re not my type.”-Nollywood actress Blessing says

– Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing recently revealed she has a thing for tall, dark and handsome men

– The light-skinned actress also added that she will never marry a man that doesn’t trust her

Beautiful Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday in a recent interview revealed the kind of man that appeals to her.

According to the actress, she has a thing for dark, tall and handsome men. Speaking with Inside Nollywood, she said she can’t marry a man that doesn’t trust her.

In her words: “I would never marry a man who doesn’t trust me, because trust supersedes love. I also don’t want to be associated with a short man.

I can’t marry any of such men. If you are short, then you’re not my type.”

On what she looks out for in a man: “I’ll go for a tall, dark and handsome guy with correct body build. My kind of man doesn’t have to be so rich, money is not love.”

plusmilang.com had earlier reported that the actress had joined the league of car owners in the entertainment industry

The excited movie star announced her latest feat on social media recently as she showed off her brand new Toyota Venza SUV, while proclaiming that hard work pays.

The SUV is said to be worth N5.5 million in which case it must have taken a lot of hours of hardwork to afford such luxury.

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