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Powerlifter Oksana Kosheleva, 34, is the strongest woman in Siberia and more than a match for the average man. One fellow was foolhardy enough to pick a quarrel with her and he was treated to the unbridled fury of raw power and muscle. A video of the comical incident shows a male driver locked in a traffic standoff with Kosheleva, she proceeds to get out of her car, drag him off the wheels before dumping him in her trunk with a kick for good measure. She then drove him out of the car park and threw him out on the side of the road.

The driver identified as Ayrtom was being filmed by his friends as he performed a stunt in a car park when he cut in front of Kosheleva.

They didn’t try to help their poor friend, instead they filmed the whole thing.
Kosheleva said:

‘It all happened suddenly. I was in this situation for the first time.
‘When he turned in front of me, I yelled at him: “What are you doing? We’re in a car park!”
‘He mumbled something and I came out to understand what he was talking about.
‘And he started arguing with me.’

She told him:

‘You should learn how to park, there are kids around.’

Kosheleva said she wanted to avoid a ‘fight’ with Artyom, adding:

‘I simply decided to teach him a lesson, I wasn’t planning to beat him up.
‘I’m a woman and fights are not for me.’

An embarrassed Ayrtom said he didn’t fight back because he had previously seen her training at the gym and knew her strength.

Watch the video below:

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