GLORIOUS FOOTBALL CLUB OKO,ANAMBRA STATE -What you need to know about one of the strongest and fastest growing clubs in Anambra state.

Glorious Football Club (GFC) was founded and formed by Mr Uzochukwu Enendu,the incumbent Club President on Sun 28th August 2016 with the sole aim of making sports more interesting and turning it into something of inestimable value in the society and also to help bring out the hidden potentials in sports in our youths.

History has it that the club had their first football training session that same day at Community Secondary School Oko as “Glorious Football Team”. with only eight players.

On Sat 16th September 2017,some changes were made to the club name which is now known as “Glorious Football Club”. (GFC)
The new GFC registration, rules nd regulations, slogan and club Jersey was enunciated and coined out on that same day.

GFC registered and went for their first outing, “Anambra state tournament” on Wednesday 06/09/17 at Neros stadium Nanka,Anambra state with Umunze football club in which they recorded an encouraging growth.

Due to some challenges in technical and physical fitness, The club President Mr Uzochukwu Enendu had to employ a trainer and coach from the great ” World football academy Nanka,Anambra state” who  by name is Mr Gabriel Egbudike and who is currently the club head coach.The first head coach was Mr Okwudiri Offor.

As of date,GFC have about 50 fully registered Strong and vibrant players with about 40 of them given shirts and numbers already and with the club captain as Bishop Chukwunoso,,his assistant as Abuchi Odo.

Players include: Cheta okafor,Odera Agu,Samuel Carlos,Okwudili Agu,Damian Moore,Godfrey Alfred,Izuchukwu okafor,Henry Ebuka,Agu Samuel,Okeke Makuochukwu,Ikeaka Evaristus,Ugwuoke Paschal,Ugochukwu Stanley,Ugochukwu okafor,Consider,Uchenna Ezeokeke,Romeo,Maazi Chukwuebuka,Clinton,Kante Chukwuebuka and so many others not mentioned.

Along the line,,some  people also rendered helping hands in pushing the club forward…
1. Mr Ejike Nwabueze.
2. Mr Onyinye Nwokeke.
3. Chikeluo Okafor.
4. Emerie Ezemenike.
5. Ifeanyi Akwobi.

GFC do have their training sessions on Saturdays by 6am and Wednesdays by 3pm(mostly physical training).
Currently, this club is experiencing some fringes and passing some hurdles and are looking forward to have sponsors to help push it forward more and  make it better.

Registering with Anambra Independent Football League,”AIFL” for screening is one of its goals as of now. Season 2 of the screening commences on 2nd July 2018 at neros stadium Nanka.
GFC also plays friendly matches almost thrice in a month which helps to strengthen the players physically and mentally.

Currently, GFC is being referred to as one of best clubs,if not the best in Oko,Anambra state to play in and discover your talents.

GFC has its statistics as L-D-D-W-D.

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