French Presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen in plagiarising scandal

This is obviously a sad time for French presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen who is being accused of plagiarism in a speech she delivered at a rally in Villepinte Monday. Part of the speech of National Front Presidential candidate appear to repeat almost word-for-word and was found to have been lifted from an April 15th address made by Mr. Francois Fillon, a former conservative election frontrunner, who was eliminated in the first round of the election.
On April 15th, Fillon mentioned France’s ‘three maritime borders’ with the English Channel, the North Sea and the Atlantic.

During Le Pen’s speech yesterday she used the same phrase of France’s ‘three maritime borders’ with the English Channel, North Sea and the Atlantic. She also described France’s borders and ties with ‘Italy, our sister’ – exactly the same words used by Fillon.

Speaking in her defense, Florian Philippot, deputy chairman of the National Front, told Radio Classique that it was on purpose and that Ms. Le Pen’s speech was ‘nod-and-a-wink’ to Mr Fillon’s speech to ‘launch a real debate’ on French identity.

This comes months after Ghana’s president, Nana Akufi- Addo was also accused of plagiarism for lifting a 1993 speech by President Bill Clinton of the United States for his inaugural speech in January.  Watch the merged speech of the two politicians speaking in French word for word

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