‘Formal Miss Anambra’ Chidinma Okeke releases a music video

– If you’ve been wondering where Chidinma Okeke has been, this is for you

– The last time the ‘cucumber’ beauty queen was seen in public was when she appeared in court three months ago

– Her fans will definitely be pleased at the turn her life has taken Remember Chidinma Okeke? The beauty queen from Anambra state who made the news when a tape showing her and some friends doing unsavory things to a cucumber went viral in 2016? It appears she has embraced a career in music.

Many have been wondering what Chidinma has been up to since has last public appearance in a Lagos court three months ago. Well, plusmilang.com can confirm that she has taken the first steps towards a career as a musician. She recently released a video titled Friends where she sang about how some friends snitch on you because of jealousy while others do all they can to bring you down.

Watch the colorful video below:

Perhaps the video is a reflection of what happened to Chidinma?

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