FIFA bans Ghanaian footballer, Samuel Inkoom for one year

Ghanaian defender, Samuel Inkoom who currently plays for Bulgarian club FC Vereya, has been banned by FIFA for one year for failing to settle the total outstanding amount owed to his former agent Andy Evans.
Following a contractual dispute between both parties, the 28-year-old was ordered by the Bureau of the Players’ Status Committee on 19 March 2014 to pay an amount owed to Evans.
On 15 December 2014, Inkoom was fined CHF 20,000 ($20,594) by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee for failing to comply with the decision of the Bureau of the Players’ Status Committee.
The Ghanaian appealed the FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s decision at CAS but the appeal was dismissed and the decision of the Disciplinary Committee confirmed in full.
Evans requested that the one-year ban is imposed on Inkoom in accordance with the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee after the final deadline granted to the player expired.
In a statement, part of the ruling from FIFA read:

“In view of the notification dated 20.06.2017, pursuant to item 4 the decision of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee of 15.12.2014, DS of BFU imposed to Samuel Inkoom- a former competitor of FC ‘Vereya’ Stara Zagora punishment suspension of competition rights for a period of one (one) year or until  the date of payment of the entire  amount owed to the creditor,”

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