The female fan 50Cent punched is now planning to sue him

The female fan who 50 Cent punched in the chest for pulling him off stage during a rap concert last week  is now planning to sue him.
After his assault, 50 Cent invited the victim, now identified as Donnetta Derr on stage to make up for the incident and she even twerked during his performance, making people believe all was forgiven only for her to decide to sue. Some lawyers must have approached her….lol
According to a TMZ report, Donnetta has a law firm behind her that will sue 50 early next week. She will also sue The Lox, with whom Fiddy performed, and the venue, Baltimore Soundstage.
Confirming the report, one of the victim’s lawyers, Warren Brown told TMZ that Donnetta went to the hospital the next day and hired him Monday.

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