Face model with tribal marks, gets featured on BBC after Rihanna followed her

Adetutu, identified better as the ‘Nigerian model with tribal marks’ was recently featured on BBC Africa and that’s certainly a big one for the Fast-Rising model.

Speaking to BBC Africa, the single mother introduced herself,

“My name is Adetutu, A single mum, face model with tribal marks, Oh, and Rihanna followed me on Instagram, people were telling me ‘Rihanna follows you as well’ I said no, show me, prove it’, I’ve always been a fan of Rihanna, I did a photoshoot I just posted it on my social media handles, Nigerians and other countries took it up until she followed me, well I was very happy… ” Adetutu told BBC.

Adetutu went viral after her post about her desire to work with Rihanna became a trend and she was noticed by the pop singer, who then started following her on Instagram, ever since, her life has never remained the same.

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