‘Everybody is joining music for the wrong reasons’ – Femi Kuti says, insists that the drug/substance abuse problem in Nigeria has to be tackled now

Femi, the eldest son of afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, gave his opinion on ‘artistes’ who join the music industry for the wrong reasons and the drug abuse problems arising in Nigeria. This was all said during a recent interview with HipTV.

On People joining the music industry for the wrong reasons, he said,

We must insist to teach our children music properly or else there will be pandemonium in the industry. Everybody is oining music for the wrong reason.. It’s not about the fame. Music is very gidly and it’s so important that if t’s not done properly, I feat that we are going to have a very sad future in the industry. So thats’s why I keep insisting that young boys and girls should learn a musical instrument.

On drugs and substance abuse in Nigeria, he said;

The drugs and alcohol abuse is everywhere, It’s just not Nigeria. The great Europe and America – It’s a big problem there too. But what they do since they know it’s a problem is an institution – they have rehabilitation centers. When you cfrash, you go into rehab. The only institution we have is Yaba left and its not ghjen ghen enough. Sensible peope will understand there is a problem. How did America/Europe tackle these pronblems? Even my father’s time, they were on hard drugs..Heroin, cocaine and everything. I don’t know if Nigeria has gotten there but the Alchohol is a massive problem. We hare to start tackling it now or else we are going to be in big problem.

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