Emeka Ike turns 50 in style (photos)

Nollywood actor who just got separated from his wife, Emeka Ike is 50.

Emeka Ike turns 50 in style

Emeka Ike turns 50 on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 and the seasoned actor chose special words to celebrate his attaining the golden age.

Taking to his Instagram page Emeka Ike wrote through his pains and gains:

“Remaining young, successful and a winner is a decision only you can make. No turbulence can rock you with God by your side, and your thinking cap properly fitted. Always remember your focus and success depends on you.

Its great to be golden! Looking back at my many sons and daughters in the movie industry whom i have groomed to be stars, kings, and queens today i can only thank God for our little contributions from inception. My colleagues, friends, family and foes , some still active and others serving our dear nation, I can’t but thank GOD for the Man he has made me, for the trying times that has shaped me to the Man i am, and for the grace to overcome. We have just started this journey friends, we honoured our mother and father and our days are long, so shall we be honoured too.”

Long live all my FANS and Emekaikeists all over the world, thank you for still loving and supporting me inspite of all…God bless Y’all.

#truthwillalwaysprevail #greaterme #rebirth #greatfulheart #EMEKAIKEWORLDWIDEGROUP”

The actor has promised to throw a big birthday bash come April 26. Looking at his physique and age, you will not doubt the fact that he is the youngest 50-year-old man.

Not many are aware that Ike has a chieftaincy title from the north. He is the Turakin Kudendan in Kaduna state.

Ike is just coming out of a messy divorce from his wife Emmanuella and mother of four kids after almost two years of court battle.

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