Drama as coffin reportedly refused to be buried during the funeral

There was drama at the burial of a deceased lady in Zambia. Her coffin refused to be buried during her funeral.

According to reports, the deceased, identified as Lilian Kanunga was 47-year-old and was not married till she died.

The incident which occurred at Chilombo area of Kakoma district in Mangango, Zambia, bewildered many as the coffin refused to enter the New Apostolic church building for its burial service.

Instead it led its bearers to a house and plunged it through the window breaking glass panes and lodged inside the house.

But for the timely intervention of the police, who controlled the crowd and forced the burial of the deceased that afternoon

Upon an interview by pressmen, the Kaoma District Commissioner, Kennedy Liale Mubanga, revealed that it took the reinforcement of soldiers who were led by the Battalion Commander from the 5ZR army barracks to retrieve the coffin which has now been buried.

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