Don’t let any pastor bully you cos they are not God – Simi

Nigerian singer Simi has slammed people who love to rely heavily on whatever their Pastor tells them.

The singer made it clear that people have access to God the same way Pastors do.

Therefore, they shouldn’t allow such men bully them into doing certain things like idolizing them.

Simi wrote:

”Guys, your pastor is not God. God has given you the power to communicate with him directly. He’s ur Father! Don’t let any pastor bully you into submitting out of fear to a God of love. Your pastor ‘might be’ annointed – but so are you!

Seen a lot of people make OBVIOUSLY stupid, life-changing decisions because “pastor said”. Some of these people, very close to me. We can’t leave our lives and choices in the hands of ministers, when God has empowered us as.

The genuine ones are teachers and spiritual leaders. They can help us learn and even become better Christians, but you should never idolize ur pastor. In God’s eyes, you are no less. Plus they are human beings and not infallible”.


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