Donald Trump Causes Global Confusion As He Moves To Recognise Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

There seems to be global confusion and anxiety following a move by President Donald Trump of the United States to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

This move, which has been confirmed by the White House, could hurt Palestine and cause anger among its supporters across the world.

The Independent reports that Trump is making this consideration the same time he is also thinking of moving the US embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem too.

The report further said his decision could reverse the precedent established by his predecessors. According to the report, if Trump decides to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, “it is widely believed that it could imperil current relationships in the region and damage the president’s chances at brokering a peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

“Instead, the recognition could trigger Palestinian protests, while shelving the long-stalled peace process there.”

The report adds that US embassies overseas have started informing their envoys of the plan so that the host governments can prepare for a possible protest.

“The United Nations and the European Union have both proposed or recognized Jerusalem as something of an international site, given its deep history that includes several religious legacies. The United States has historically supported establishing an international regime for the city as well.

“The primary dispute over Jerusalem’s status revolves around East Jerusalem, which has been disputed since the 1967 Six-Day War when Israel drove Jordan out of the area.

“Palestinians have argued that East Jerusalem should stand as their capital for a future independent state. Israel says that all of Jerusalem belongs to them.

“There are currently about 200,000 Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem, and 370,000 Palestinians there as well.

“All told, more than 600,000 Jews live in nearly 140 settlements in East Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank. Those settlements are considered illegal under international law, a consideration that Israel disputes,” the report said.

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