Dissolve Nigeria’s constitution now or allow Biafra republic, an aggrieved Igbo man tells Buhari

– An aggrieved Igbo man has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to allow the republic of Biafra

– He described Nigeria as a scam

– He, however said that everybody is Nigeria’s problem and that all the major tribes in the country should be allowed to go their ways In an article sent to plusmilang.com, a Facebook user, Jimenez Obi said that the only solution to the problems plaguing Nigeria is the dissolution of the 1999 constitution and start afresh or allow the Igbos to have their own country – Republic of Biafra.

He said: “Hello ladies and gentlemen, I have checked and balanced all that is happening in Nigerian and I came to the conclusion that everyone in Nigerian is Nigerian problem and that is why I said Nigeria is a scam.

“I can defend this anywhere. When a politician uses millions of naira to campaign and another millions of naira to buy your votes or results, what do you expect from him or her? How do you expect him to recover the money if not to steal the public fund? “Nigeria is not a country because I have not seen anything good in Nigerian and no good things will ever come out from Nigeria. I am 27 years old and I have not benefitted anything from being a Nigerian.

“I am not here for tribal war or to side anyone, Nigeria is scam and corrupt. A country where pastors are politicians or supporting politicians for money, tell me who is a saint in Nigeria? Before I talk about Biafra let me advise you all Nigeria to be wise in your votes but this is of no use because Nigeria is a scam and corrupt that is why nothing good will ever come out from it. “If you like votes Jesus or Mohammed to be Nigerian president, same thing will happen because Nigeria is scam and corrupt. “I am disappointed to be known as Nigerian. When I was a child, I love the name Nigeria and felt proud but when I grew up I realised that this Nigeria has no hope and future, Hausa and Yoruba think twice.

“I am not talking about rich people here because they have nothing to worry about. I am talking to poor and average Hausa and Yoruba, being a Nigerian will not do you any good. To my follow Biafra, Yoruba and Hausa have nothing in common; let’s support Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu.

“Let’s fight until we get Biafra, when I hear this name, I hope there is future in it. Any South-eastern politicians who don’t support Biafra are deceiving themselves. He said Biafra has come to stay, adding that, “there is nothing anyone will do about it, let’s support Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu.

“The only thing that will change my believe from Biafra is to dissolve Nigerian constitution and start afresh and also change name Nigeria because Nigeria name is cursed and is scam, long live Biafra, long live Nnamdi Kanu, long live Igbos, share let’s all Nigerian read it.

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