Comedienne Emanuella celebrates her 8th birthday

Popular young Comedienne, Emmanuella is celebrating her 8th birthday today.

She has featured in a lot of Mark Angel’s comedy series on YouTube, which was what rode her to fame.

Emanuella rose to fame when she appeared in Mark Angel’s comedy video ‘My Real Face’.

Since then she has appeared in a number of Angel’s videos. Emanuella Samuel is one of the most repeated artists in his videos and most liked too.

Their collaboration is what makes Mark Angel’s videos extraordinary and likeable. The two have number of videos together and their content is different each time.

Their settings, cultural background and natural acting are what makes the audience tick and come back for next video. Emanuella’s innocence and unique style of acting has set her apart from other YouTubers of her generation.

She wrote:

Happy birthday to me. Jesus I thank you. Thanks to everyone supporting me. I love you all. God bless you all.

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