Buharism And The Psychology Of Development (1)

Nigeria can take her turn to rule the world in compliance to the purpose for which all- inclusive natural resources are variously deposited extravagantly in our backyards. However, the self-constructed barriers to our nature-assigned throne have to be bulldozed out of vogue before we can gain access into our palace.

Change or innovativeness is the wheel of progress. Our indefensible poverty in a land of overflowing abundance is an irritant, a stigma and a devaluation of the dignity of the black race.

What is your opinion concerning this report? It was published that an international charitable organization lost more than $50m to corruption through over-invoicing, ghost workers etc in West Africa during ebola crisis. What a lamentable indulgence, the extent that people can go to endanger, not only a neighbours destiny but human lives in an uncontrolled desperation for unearned wealth. More frightening is some people’s extension of inhumane aggression for wealth accumulation to even funds that are pooled by charity, a love expression that, in the first instance, we have a strange distaste for. This is attitude disaster.

However, the announcement of Gen. Mohammadu Buhari GCFR as president-elect in 2015 general election kindled a silent and salient revolution, a renewed hope in our political history that provides an opportunity for a national rebirth. The dread created by the president-elect, reputed for integrity and zero tolerance of corruption, resulted in a stampede by former political office holders for self-probing and self-enforcement of the verdict of guilt that was accompanied by voluntary refund of public resources looted even prior to the swearing-in of the president-elect. This is Buharism, the influence and affluence of integrity.

The love of money is the root of failure boom, a full eclipse of failure in all departments of life. Its off-shoot of poverty epidemy is further strengthened by the resistance to change in governance.

Buharism, a rescue intervention, can be interpreted as an integrity-controlled leadership philosophy that elevates people to the status of prime stakeholders in governance to consequently inspire a conscientious pursuit by leadership, of the respect, safe-keep, promotion, defense and enforcement of the reign of peoples’ interests and entitlements. A conscience produces according to its nature and a dead conscience cannot produce a living economy.

Buharism philosophy is smartly generating lively solutions in our body polity including the hasty fitting, to the one-legged oil economy that President Mohammadu Buhari inherited, additional two legs of agro-allied economy and solid mineral economy meanwhile. This has expanded the capacity of our economy to absorb even rude shocks to save the people from exposure to avoidable socio-economic travails.

Also, the extra-large appetite for imported products including near-stale rice has been reformed radically. The projected self-grown output of seven million metric tonnes of rice this year will make us to be proudly self-sufficient, a three year feat of this leadership that many people were thinking unrealizable even in a decade. In 2015, Nigeria had six million farmers that has been grown up to twelve million farmers in 2018 to makes us, no more a major importer of rice but a major producer of rice, a strategy that has somewhat repatriated massive wealth and jobs.

The political economy of crude oil price crash should have plunged us into a deep misfortune if it had happened in the then one legged economy, that is, prior to the emergence of integrity-controlled governance. If there was deficiency in the past, in managing boom with crude oil price at over $100 per barrel, a claim of competence to manage economic recession at an average crude oil price of $50 per barrel, is spurious, unpatriotic, and indefensible.

With a third world country’s publication recently that Nigeria’s rice import from her dropped from 644,131 metric tonnes in 2015, the year that President Buhari took over leadership to mere 21,0000 metric tonnes in 2017, how was this chronic dependency syndrome then, even on third world countries, reconcilable to vision 2020 which was then barely five years away.

We are witnessing an unprecedented competitive democracy with states championing innovative industrial evolution in agro-allied investments in states like Ebonyi, Kaduna, Kebbi etc; innovative investments in dairy products, establishment of industrial parks and a host of other wealth and job creation initiatives including the ambition of Prof. Ben Ayade, the Executive Governor of Cross River State of establishing a significant factory including computer, laptop, GSM handsets and garments manufacturing factory in each of the local governments.

The unprecedented upsurge of sabotage and the emergence of a frightening dimension of corruption fight-back are inimical to progress. Saboteur subterranean economy, a behind-the-scene activities of saboteurs, are thriving, unpleasantly, with ever-increasing volume of trade.

The change philosophy is equally redefining governance in, for instance, Kaduna State with leadership expansive mindfulness of its action effects in order to maximize value addition to people. One classic change enforcement decision of Mall. Nasir El-Rufai, the Executive Governor of Kaduna State is the sack of twenty-one thousand teachers that were discovered to be incompetent to add value to school pupils’, grossly low productivity.

Cumulatively, the twenty – one thousand teachers taught, perhaps one million pupils per school year, a non fruitful investment. A genuine democrat will always prioritize the security of the interests of one million pupils even when voiceless and defenseless, over and above twenty – one thousand people that may have a mega voice. His Excellency’s genuine defense of the voiceless is a democratic virtue that has been uncommon in our political life.

Igiebor ,a commentator on Public Affairs, wrote in from Kaduna

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