Bride wears her wedding gown to hospital to visit her grandma who suffered a heart attack

The photo of a bride visiting her grandma in the hospital dressed in her wedding gown has been shared multiple times to the surprise of the photographer who also happens to be the bride’s sister-in-law. Jessica Brown’s grandmother missed her wedding because she suffered a heart attack the night before.

Jessica decided without her grandma’s knowledge to bring the wedding to her there in the hospital. Just hours after the wedding, Jessica, her groom, Tyler, and their family visited the hospital. Her parents walked in first, then, Tyler escorted his bride into the hospital room, just as though they were walking down the aisle together. Jessica, carrying her bouquet, later embraced her grandmother and the moment was captured by Amanda, the photographer/sister-in-law.
“It was a really emotional moment,” Amanda Brown told Yahoo Style. “I knew that the day was really bittersweet for my sister-in-law. Her and her granny are very close, so it was so sweet to see her get there and just crawl up in the bed and love on her.”
Jessica spoke of her grandma to ABC News, saying,
“My granny is the sweetest woman, and has a hug so full of love that it makes the whole world feel okay. … To finally hug her lifted my heavy heart.”

Jessica’s grandmother is expected to recover.

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