Brave Police officer in viral Owerri robbery video died in April

Earlier this week, the CCTV footage of a robbery attack at a Zenith bank branch in Owerri, Imo state sometime in February this year, surfaced online.

In the video, one police officers who was inside the security room in the bank, put up a good fight with the robbers as he engaged them in a gun battle and was able to kill one of them. After shooting one of the robbers dead, the gallant officer identified as Sergeant Chukwudi Iboko, tried to escape from the security post but was shot several times by another robber. Unfortunately Iboke died in April from injuries he sustained from the gun battle.

According to an Owerri police spokesperson, Iboko sustained serious injuries from the gunshot fired at him by the robbers and was in the intensive care unit at a hospital for two months before he finally died.

Two other mobile policemen who were also inside the security post with him when the robbers stormed the bank, sustained serious injuries and were also in the intensive care unit where Iboko died. They survived.

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