Biafra will be achieved through every possible means – Nnamdi Kanu

– Nnamdi Kanu insisted he is focused on achieving Biafra

– The leader of IPOB said his time in prison gave him the opportunity to plan how this will be achieved

– He said referendum must be given to them as quickly as possible

The leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu has declared that the group is set to achieve an independent Biafra state with whatever means possible.

In a recent video, Kanu said the group’s main concern was to achieve Biafra at all cost but explained that for now, the non-violent approach and the call for referendum was the focus.

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He said without Biafra, there will be no difference between an animal and a black man.

He said while in prison, he had a lot of introspection and became more prayerful and to ponder extensively on the best way to get Biafra in the quickest possible time.

The Biafra leader said the agitation will continue to be peaceful but that the direction will change of they are attacked.

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We intend to remain peaceful but if they come into our houses and slaughter us, we will defend ourselves. Should it come to that.


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