BIAFRA UNKNOWN HERO:- Bruce Mayrock is his name. Bruce Mayrock was a Columbia University Student, 20years of age from old westbury, New York. Bruce Mayrock burnt himself to death on the lawn of the United Nation’s building Headquarters to protest during the Nigeria-Biafra war with a big sign that reads! ”YOU MUST STOP GENOCIDE! Please Save Nine Million Biafrans”. Bruce Mayrock died about nine hours after he set himself ablaze. Bruce Mayrock was born may6, 1949 and he took his own life for people whom he never met before in may 30, 1969.

Two United Nations guards spotted the flames and chased the youth across the lawn with fire extinguisher. But Mayrock eluded the guards, racing in front of the North Lounge of the building before several hundred horrified delegates and onlookers. The student finally fell to his knees beside a statue bearing the Biblical inscription “Let us beat our swords into plowshares * and the guards extinguished the flames. Mayrock was rushed to ßellevue Hospital where he was listed in critical condition with burns over most of his body and was pronounced dead shortly after midnight. At the U.N., guards found a large cardboard sign on the front lawn which said, “You must stop the genocide–please save 9 million Biafrans.” At the bottom of the sign, a quotation read, “Peace is where there is an absence of fear of any kind.”

hero on fire.

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