Bells University students cries out after management increased price of pure water to N50, soft drinks to N200 each has received reports from pained students of Bells University of Technology after the management upped the prices of some commodities in the school.

They revealed that one pure water is sold for N50 each, a pack of take-away disposable is sold for N100, All soft-drinks in the school are sold for N200 each.

Our source, a student in the school who wants to stay anonymous has said they are even scared to go on protest due to fear of expulsion and suspension from the school.

Read Below the Mail we received as well as some attachments:

Recently we students of bells have been suffering from the school governing bodies…

They have decided to turn the school to there business ground by extorting money from us and the school student body don’t have say in it..

In this mail are some pictures attached to it

Please post it on your instagram(Please help us)

In Our School

1. One Pure Water – 50Naira
2. Fish – 200Naira
3. Pack – 100 Naira
4. Any Soft Drinks – 200Naira

Students had to pay for Dstv subscription because school couldn’t pay‎.

Our school association (BUSA) is just there for figure head.

Instead of the school repairing the damages, toilets and bathroom they decided to build a round-about in front of the boys hostel telling students it is for viewing center.

There are lots of rooms where fans are not working and nets torn.

Please help and save us from this extortion.

We pay over 600K for school fees and we can not riot because of fear of suspension or expulsion.

Students had to rally within themselves to pay for Dstv subscription after it expired.

Bells University students cries

Bells University students cries

Bells University students cries

Bells University students cries

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