“Beating chelsea will be tougher but we can do it”says Arsenal


Nobody connected with Arsenal is going to get too carried away with their win in the Premier League this weekend, coming as it did against a team in AFC Bournemouth who we would expect to beat nine times out of ten anyway. The fact that the Cherries are in an even worse run of form than Arsenal to boot, having now gone four games without picking up a point has made a lot of people even more cautious in their response to our comfortable win at the Emirates on Saturday.
plusmilang.com understands that completely and it could well be that next weekend, which sees the Gunners travel across London to Stamford Bridge to face the reigning EPL champions Chelsea will not be so kind to them. However,plusmilang.com do think the Gunners can at least show a little optimism ahead of this next league game, for a number of reasons.
One is that they have somehow turned Chelsea from being a bogey club that they(Arsenal) could not beat home or away for about a decade, into a club that they actually seem to thrive against. Take away the pre’season friendly in which Arsene Wenger had to play Elneny at centre back and the whole team was shattered after their long haul travels, and you have three wins for Arsenal from the last four meetings.
Two of those games were for a trophy as well, so the gunners have shown that they can stand toe to toe with their London rivals. Add to that the fact that, despite having picked up more points than them so far, Chelsea are not looking like the side that roared to the title last season.
There are cracks showing at the club and definite tension between players, manager and owner, and if Arsenal are on their mettle, they could use that to their advantage. Of course it is going to be tougher for Arsenal to beat Chelsea than it was to beat Bournemouth, but that does not mean they cannot do it, does it?….Visit plusmilang.com to answer and place your arguments.

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