Bauchi Senator says police officers pay N2.5m bribe to get special promotion

Senator Isah Hamma Misau, a retired police officer and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Navy,  said police officers pay as much as N2.5million to get special promotion through the Police Service Commission (PSC).

Misau, representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District, disclosed this to Daily Trust while answering questions on the bribery scandal allegedly rocking the PSC.

According to the publication, a source said police officers pay as much as N500,000 to benefit from the special promotion being coordinated by the PSC and office of the Inspector General of Police.

“Officers pay as much as N500,000 to get promoted. It is only those that pay the money and those who are close to the top echelon of the police and politicians that are benefitting from the special promotion,” the source said.

“Special promotion, which is supposed to be reward for gallantry and outstanding performance, has turned to cash and carry. Otherwise, why is that officers who are serving in the Northeast have not benefitted? Why is that all those who have benefitted are those manning juicy posts and close to politician?’’ he added.

However, when contacted to speak on it, Misau said the amount is more thanN500,000.

“You are talking about N500, 000, it’s beyond that. A serving police officer aware of the trend has told me that they pay as much as N2.5 million to get special promotion. Other sources have also confirmed to me. So it is nothing but fact.’’ he said.

Misau who is member of the anti-corruption committee of the Senate said he would discuss the issue with the leadership of the Senate, when they resume from annual recess next month.

“We cannot just fold our hands and allow this to continue. The special promotion should be reversed as it was done during the time of Nuhu Ribadu. Unless this is done the lives of Nigerians would no longer be secured. The special promotion is highly compromised,’’ he said.

“Corruption is not only associated with money, it has many forms and money for promotion is part of it. We have to urgently address this because the consequence is what we are witness today’’.

Also speaking, a serving police officer (name withheld) said the trend has negatively affected performance and morale, saying bribe for promotion was one of the reasons the country was recording increase in cases of crime.

“I’m tired of the bribe for promotion. Junior officers are being promoted and deployed to strategic locations. I swear if I have capital I would’ve resigned from the force,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Police Service Commission (PSC) has denied a report that its officials are in the habit of collecting bribes from police officers to facilitate their promotion.

When contacted the spokesman of the Commission Ikechukwu Ani said:

“It is not true. The Commission has not and will never collect bribes for promotion. The IGP sends recommendations and the Commission considers the promotion and takes a decision.”

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