Barbara Bush, former US First Lady is dead at 92

Barbara Bush former United States First Lady is dead.

She died at the age of 92.

Barbara Bush is the wife of George HW Bush and mother of George W Bush.

Her husband, George HW Bush, who died at 93 is the longest US President that has ever lived.

Their son, George, was elected in 2000 and served two terms as the nation’s 43rd president.

Her death was announced in a statement by her husband and former President George W Bush.

According to the statement, she died in Houston, Texas after battling congestive heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

She reportedly decided not to seek any further treatment.

The statement read in part: “Late Barbara Bush was born in New York City on June 8, 1925. She met her husband, George H.W. Bush, at a dance in Massachusetts in 1941 when she was 16 years old.

“After dating for a year and a half, the couple got engaged before he went off to World War II to serve as a Navy torpedo bomber pilot.

“When he returned on leave, Barbara dropped out of Smith College in Northampton, Mass. They got married two weeks later on Jan. 6, 1945, in Rye, N.Y.

“She became first lady after her husband was elected president in 1988, and continued to promote her cause of literacy.

She eventually helped to develop the Barbara BushFoundation for Family Literacy, which seeks to improve literacy in the U.S. through programs directed toward pre-school children and parental literacy.

“She spoke regularly on “Mrs. Bush’s Story Time,” a national radio program that stressed the significance of reading aloud to children.

“After leaving the White House, she served on the boards of Americares and the Mayo Clinic, and headed the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy.

“She served as First Lady of the United States during the tenure of President George H.W. Bush from 1989 to 1993.

“The official funeral schedule has not yet been announced.”

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