6 reasons Buhari really needs to continue to rest

President Muhammadu Buhari’s continued absence from public view is raising fresh doubts about his health status. Some are wondering if he is really fit to rule the country. For the third time in a row, he was absent at weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting, thus raising speculations that his health might have deteriorated.

According to the minister of information, Lai Mohammed, Buhari’s doctors have advised him to take some rest. He said the president will continue to rest until he has fully recovered and is fit to work based on his doctor’s advice.

plusmilang.com has compiled six reasons Buhari needs to continue to rest and they are:

1. He is sick 

There is no denying that Buhari is sick, though the presidency has refused to disclose what is really wrong with the president’s health. When he returned from his 51 days medical leave in London, Nigerians could see he was looking frail. His wife, Aisha, recently disclosed that his health was not that bad as is being speculated. However, the truth still remains that the president is sick and sick people need to rest.

2. Buhari is not getting any younger

As people age, they become more susceptible to disease and disability than younger adults. We all know that age is not on the president’s side. At the age of 74, he does not need to be exposed to all these type of extreme stress. What he really needs is rest.

3. His Vice President can do a very good job

When Buhari was away in London on medical leave, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo was widely commended for doing a good job as acting president. He was said to be performing better than his boss. During Buhari’s absence Nigerians did not really miss because Osinbajo was more than capable to do the job. Some even suggested that Buhari should retire and allow Osinbajo continue while others said he should remain in London.

4. Doctors’ advice

The president has been advised by his doctors have advised him to take some rest. Explaining why Buhari was absent from FEC meeting, Mohammed said the president was merely following his doctors’ advice to take more rest. The president really needs to continue to rest based on his doctors advise.

5. Nigeria is a complex nation Leading

Nigeria is not an easy task, especially with all its challenges. You have to deal with security issues ranging from Boko Haram insurgency to militancy and Fulani Herdsmen attacks. There is the issue of corruption and we cannot forget the economic recession. With all these problems, ruling Nigeria is not for someone with health issues. Buhari really needs all the rest he can get.

6. He just needs to continue to rest

He will work better after a good rest. Allowing your body to get enough rest and sleep is essential to good health. If Buhari is allowed to continue to rest, he will return to work refreshed and more committed to fighting corruption which has eaten deep into the society.

Fifty-one days after he left Nigeria on leave, Buhari on Friday, March 10, returned into the waiting hands of Osinbajo, ministers and service chiefs. Nigerians were glad to have their president back as there were so many unpleasant rumours flying all over. One of such was that the president was not alive. The presidency quickly debunked this rumour, saying the president was alive and well.

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