“10 Categories Of People That Will Never Fall During Anointing”

Falling under the anointing involves the submission of a spirit to a higher vessel. In this process, some people have very strong and non-receptive spirit, while some may not.

During deliverance or anointing service, the pastor evidently lays lands on members of the congregation for healing, casting or binding, and you see people fall to the ground unconsciously.

If you’re very observant, you must have observed that there are people who will never fall under the anointing no matter how powerful a pastor can be, and below are these categories of people.

The piece was written by Tosin Williams. The views and opinions expressed der are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of Kingdomboiz.com

1. Photographers

This has been a question on the mind of everyone why photographers are not susceptible to the manifestation of the Holy Spirit during anointing service. These people will always hold firmly unto their cameras and will keep taking shots without any fear or panic. So, even if the pastor blows wind or tsunami right from the pulpit and then everyone falls, the photographers will surely remain gallant, unaffected and will keep doing their jobs

2. Cameramen

Whenever you watch a broadcast of any Christian crusade, the cameramen will be the least people that will fall under the anointing, even when the pastor commands the Holy Spirit and it pushes everyone down in the congregation. The cameramen are usually immune to the Holy Spirit and may even be laughing at those victims.


3. Instrumentalists

Instrumentalists are the people that will keep on playing solemn songs (hymns) to keep people in the spirit during this session. They are usually distracted by their instruments, but you and the Holy Spirit requires calmness and quietness of heart that is focused on him. Dem no go ever fall lai lai

4. Atheists

I believe we all know that there are still sizable number of people who don’t believe in the existence God yet they attend church programmes for one reason or the other. I guess the reason why these ones don’t fall is due to the fact they feel those who fall are only pretenders or paid to do so, therefore, their doubtful minds programmed towards resist anointing will never make them fall.

5. Church Guards

Even if anointing comes raining like fire, the church guards will surely remain gallant without any fear or panic. Many will agree with Tosyne2much that the church guards will be in the church auditorium unconcerned and unaffected.

6. Phone Charging Addicts

These are people who come to church just to charge their phones. They are usually restless and will be going to check their phones by regular intervals. During anointing, if the pastor asks everyone to be praying profusely and be expectant, these people will always disobey protocols and will find a way to open their eyes to check the battery percentage of their phones. In fact, some of them go sit down for one corner whastapping and Facebooking.
Even if anointing rain fire, e no consign them because they’re not in the spirit.

7. Ushers

Everyone should have also noticed that users too hardly fall during anointing. Maybe it’s because they always have diverted attention as a result of their spiritual alertness to guide possessed members from disorganizing the church when anointing fall on them.

8. Big Boys/ Girls

These are big boys and ladies with starched boxers and bras. Just because they feel it will be a thing of embarrassment to fall to the ground while their crush are, looking at them, they hold their legs firmly to the ground, dragging with the pastor even if the pastor wrestles to push them down.

9. Non hypocrites

If really, you are to fall by God’s Spirit, you will just find yourself on the ground without knowing when and how. The pastor doesn’t need to touch you or wrestle with you before you fall. There are people who are true to themselves, unlike some people who consciously fall just because other people are falling and they don’t want to be left out. The non hypocrites don’t see the need to fall just because they want to fake it.

10. Ministers

Since they are the ones to carry out the anointing exercise, you don’t expect them to fall nah, except in rare occasions.


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