Sp: Uncommon Factors That May Be Making You Gain Weight

People typically gain weight when they have a calorie surplus, which happens when the calorie intake exceeds consumption. Weight gain may also be a result of reduced physical activity during daily life. However, there are exceptional cases whereby some people gain weight despite eating well and working out.

So, what are some of the surprising possible reasons why you may be gaining weight


Although stress is linked with short-term loss of appetite, chronic stress can be associated with increased appetite and weight gain. Besides increasing appetite, stress causes poor judgment when picking food, resulting in the stressed person choosing food with high fat and sugar content and low nutritional value. Chronic stress is also observed to cause an increase in abdominal fat.

Inadequate sleep

It’s very likely that if you are not sleeping at a good time, you will probably splurge on late-night snacking. Moreover, the addition of pounds happens due to the biochemical changes that take place in your body because of sleep deprivation. The changes can make you feel hungrier and leave you unsatisfied or less full even after eating.


To overcome weight gain or lose pounds, it is critical to sleep long enough, which is about 7 to 9 hours. You need also work out consistently and watch your diet. You can also get some steroids at https://musclefax.ws/ to supplement your diet and workouts, enable you to burn more calories, and help you achieve your overall fitness goals.

Consumption of liquid calories

Many people ignore the fact that beverages such as juices and soft drinks have calories. The calories from liquids can add up to unimaginable numbers. This is especially common at restaurants and other places where getting drink refills at no cost is a norm. Drink calories also lack the satiety factor, meaning that we do not stay feeling full for long after we consume them. This makes it necessary to get something else to eat or drink, resulting in a higher calorie intake.


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Among the side-effects of many antidepressant medications is putting on weight. Though it is not advisable to stop taking your medications without your physician’s advice, you can ask for a change in your treatment plan if you realize you have a weight gain issue. If a drug treatment is working well, some people may experience weight gain since they will start feeling better and have an improved appetite.


While working out helps to lose weight, too much of it may result in weight gain. Prolonged exercise can interfere with your emotional and psychological wellbeing, both of which are instrumental for weight loss. Long workout sessions will also put undue pressure on you, resulting in stress. As earlier discussed, stress can cause weight gain.

Many other surprising reasons may make you gain weight. Dehydration is another one. It messes up the mechanics of your body, hampers the burning of calories, and may cause excess calorie intake. It can also decelerate metabolism, interfere with digestion, and cause a lack of energy needed to keep a healthy weight or lose pounds. You need to be aware of these uncommon factors so that you can control them and avoid gaining weight.


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