Every lady in a relationship would like a constant reminder that their boyfriend loves them. It doesn’t matter how many times he says he loves you. You just want some actual proof that you are dear to him.

The good news is that there are a few signs that will indicate if your boyfriend loves you or not. These signs will either give you assurance or show you a red flag especially if your boyfriend doesn’t get to say the magical words “I love you” often.

All you need to do is look beyond his words and study his actions.

  • STUDY HIS BEHAVIOUR: Here are a few things to consider in this category:
    • Find out if he respects your opinions and ideas. If he is in love with you, he will make room for your likes and dislikes and be interested in the details of your life.
    • Find out to what extent he is willing to compromise. The truth is that both of you will not always have the same opinion about everything. Check how far he is willing to go to accommodate your opinions. This means that both of you should be willing to compromise.
    • Pay attention to how and where he touches you. Be careful if he only touches you in private or public. However, touching in public may be rare if he is shy. Where he touches you is also important. Touching you on your face usually indicates that he cherishes you. Check this website to learn more.
    • If your boyfriend loves you, he will be happy to show you off to the world, especially to family and friends. He will also love to meet the closest people to you. If he is ashamed to introduce you to the people that are dearest to him, it may only prove that you should be careful.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO THE THINGS HE SAYS: Here are a few points to consider in this category:
    • Does he recognize you in his words? Study his words to find out. If he loves you, he will use the word “I” less and “we” more. Find out if he tells the world what both of you have accomplished together.[JP1] 
    • Does he apologize every time he is wrong? One of the proofs that your boyfriend loves you is that he will pay attention to your feelings. He will not be comfortable when you feel sad and hurt as a result of his actions[JP2] .
    • Is there a synergy between his actions and words? One of the proofs that someone is trustworthy is that their words and action will correspond to each other.


Don’t get carried away by the number of times he says that he loves you. If he says that he loves you, his actions must show the same. In some cases, people use the words “I love you” to manipulate their spouse. Hence, you must check deeper to be sure that he means what he is saying. If you are not sure if you should rely on his words only, you should ask a close friend for help.

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